ACpat chartered physiotherapist specialising in humans & animals


Equine/Animal Physiotherapy

What We Can Offer

Just like humans, horses and other animals can benefit from physiotherapy to help reduce pain, improve movement and prevent injury. First Class Physiotherapy is able to treat the happy hacker through to the elite competition horse and everything in between including dogs, farm animals and small animals. Each session is tailored to the individual animal, so whether you've got a specific problem you want to try and resolve, have a horse/dog recovering from injury, surgery or neurological deficit or just want a routine check to make sure everything is in order then we can help.

First Class Physiotherapy will travel to your yard. We currently operate in a 20-mile radius of RG24. We will travel beyond this radius but this is will incur travel charges. Please contact me to discuss this.

By law under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 all animals must have veterinary consent prior to physiotherapy assessment and treatment.

When might my horse need physio?

  • Bucking/Rearing/ Napping
  • One better canter lead
  • Not forward
  • Uneven contact
  • Injuries/surgery
  • Arthritis
  • General maintenance


Assessment involves full static and dynamic gait assessment, palpation, range of motion and include any physiotherapy special tests required for each individual animal


Treatment depends on assessment findings but can involve any combination of manual therapies such a joint mobilisations, massage, trigger point therapy, stretching and electrotherapy including muscle stimulation, ultrasound and H-Wave. I currently have the newest Vet H-wave model from Trimbio with multi-frequency mode enabling me to create individual programmes to suit your horse for pain relief and tissue mobilisation. 

Exercise Plan

Each session will also include physiotherapy exercise prescription, tailored for each individual horse to help maximise treatment effect and maintain improvements between sessions. This may include strengthening exercises, balance exercises, pole work, stretches and exercises under saddle. You will be sent a full report of assessment findings, treatment and exercises after every session.